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    How to buy meat? What is the best way to cook it?

    Meat is an essential ingredient in many diets and an excellent source of protein, and here we will take you on a journey in which we give you tips on the healthy way to choose meat, with a detailed explanation of the types of meat, its benefits and also its potential harms. There are two […] More

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    Body messages tell you that you are a victim of “PTSD” From Corona … here are 7 ways to recover

    “I think we have to realize that mental illness will be the next wave of Covid-19 virus,” said the epidemiologist and dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Boston University Dr. Sandro Galia for CBC. . And caused by anxiety, and mental disorders. “ He dearly monitored the symptoms of “post-traumatic stress disorder” among people […] More

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    In 5 steps … a quick relief plan for stressed skin

    With the persistence of home quarantine and restrictions on freedom of movement in many countries of the world, many women seek to check on the purity of their skin, but signs of stress, dehydration, and some pimples or wrinkles may have appeared on the face significantly. Those marks that cosmetics will not be able to […] More