5 Easiest Countries to migrate to from Nigeria

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When things get tense at home, or even just super boring, you may start thinking about running away and living the life of an adventurous ex-patriot. But when the complexities and expenses associated with migration hit you, it’s easy to become discouraged and put the dream away. Well, maybe you should not!

Here is a list of 5 best country to migrate to from Nigeria:

1: Canada

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There is unlimited opportunity and potential to be found in Canada’s fast growing and industrialized economy. As one of the riches countries, Canada also offers the highest standard of living while decreasing taxes and strengthening their economy with a 2.3% inflation rate.While you might not think of Canada as beachy, it actually has the longest coastline in the world at 202,080 km. Canada has compassionately opened its borders to refugees from war-torn nations. However, even if you are not in fear for your life, you will have to show some professional skills. It is by far one of the easiest countries to migrate to from Nigeria.check the Canadian immigration web site

2: Mexico

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If you’re fussy about the deadly drug trade, you may be tempted to skip over Mexico as an option. But there are still places in Mexico that are safe, and not only that, they are full of clean beaches, mountain views, cute historic towns, and upscale urban delights. Plus, it is the country that introduced chocolate, chilies, and corn to the world. Get started in Mexico quickly with an FMM visa, available at any airport or border location for just $21. When your visa expires in six months, you can renew it again, and again, and again. There’s no limit. Unfortunately, you can’t work on an FMM visa, but you can upgrade to a temporary residency visa that does allow work for only a few bucks more. You may need to leave the country temporarily to apply for one,

3: Austria

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Austria is a gorgeous little country that offers plenty of mountain fun in the form of the snow-capped Alps, which actually cover 62% of the country. Its location is ideal for exploration of many other European countries, as well. The lifestyle in Austria is sometimes described as a “perpetual resort”.

4: Belgium

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If you love the idea of enjoying limitless beer and chocolate in a cozy little country dotted with gorgeous architecture and breathtaking natural beauty, consider Belgium. It is also a very progressive country; the second in the world to legalize gay marriage (after the Netherlands).

You will need a job to be granted a permanent residency visa, but you can apply from home. Once you land a job, you only need to hold onto it for two weeks before becoming eligible for a residency permit. That’s not an offer to stay forever just yet, but as long as you keep working, you are moving toward it.

5: Ecuador

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Ecuador has virtually unmatched natural beauty in the form of mountain peaks, volcanoes, beaches, and islands. It is named after the equator, which runs through it, and is the only country in the world named after a geographical feature. The cost of living in Ecuador is very low, and the US dollar is the official currency.

The easiest way to get permanent residence in Ecuador is called a pensioner’s visa. Though designed for retirees, there aren’t actually any age requirements to get one. You just need to prove that you will receive $800 per month for the length of your stay, no matter how long that is. Is it not kind of mind-boggling to think about living comfortably on that amount of money?For more info check here

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