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Including weight loss .. 7 benefits of bathing in cold water.

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Cold water showers help to enhance your mental and physical health in general, and the idea of ​​taking a cold bath may sound crazy, but you may want to try it out after learning about the amazing benefits this bath provides for the body.
To start with, we must ensure that a cold bath is not a treatment or a medicine for any disease, and that its use is limited to the person who is in good health.
On the other hand, it is not recommended to take a bath with very cold water or during cold weather unless after consulting a doctor. Also, patients with any chronic or acute disease should consult a doctor before taking a cold bath, as it may not be appropriate for them and puts great pressure on their bodies and their blood circulation

Here are 7 health benefits of a cold bath:

1- Strengthening the lymphatic system

The site indicated that the lymphatic system contains vessels that help rid the body of waste and microbes. Cold water showers help lymphatic vessels contract, which makes the lymphatic system pump lymphatic fluid throughout the body and helps it remove waste.

2- Improve cardiovascular circulation

Cold water showering can help improve blood circulation and stimulate blood flow.

3- Reducing muscle inflammation

After intense exercise, many people resort to using heating pads or massaging with hot oil, but bathing with cold water can also help reduce inflammation. Many professional athletes bathe cold water for this very reason. However, anyone can benefit from taking a shower with cold water after exercise or doing housework.

4- Feeling happy

While bathing in cold water is not a treatment for depression, it may help to reduce its symptoms temporarily, and this was shown by a research study conducted in 2007 that indicated that this shower, along with traditional treatments such as medications, can help reduce symptoms of depression and improve Mood. This explains that cold water stimulates mood-enhancing neurotransmitters that boost happiness levels.

5- Reducing weight

As mentioned before cold water helps stimulate blood flow,therefore it can boost metabolism, which will inevitably help in losing weight.

6- Promote healthy hair and skin

Cold water tightens the pores and tightens the skin, in addition to reducing the number of oils that your skin produces when bathing in hot water, which irritates the skin and dries it, and thus needs to be hydrated. In turn, cold water stimulates hair follicles that would make it more vibrant, according to the site.

7- Reducing pain and swelling

When developing ankle spasm or sprain, doctors usually recommend applying ice to the affected area because it has an important role in relieving pain. Indeed, bathing in cold water is almost the same effectiveness for treating injuries, as the ice and cold help narrow blood vessels, reducing inflammation that causes pain and swelling.

Source: Al-Jazeera + American Press

Written by K.Taylor

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