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Sleeping your way to lose weight .. But beware of 5 myths

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You may be surprised by the fact that sleep will help you lose weight, so how? Our answer. We’ll also show you five myths about weight loss that you should avoid in order to lose weight healthily.

In her report, published by the American website “Insider”, writer Rachel Hussey said that sleep is a very important matter for enjoying good health, especially since sleep deprivation negatively affects the mood of a person, not to mention the feeling of extreme hunger throughout the day.

The author emphasized the importance of sleep for weight loss, according to several studies that revealed the existence of scientific evidence to prove this. On this point, Ben Carpenter, a personal trainer, mentioned some various examples. He said, “One study compared the effects of sleeping for four hours during one night versus eight hours of sleep, and revealed that the shorter sleep duration coincided with higher levels of hunger and an increase of 559 calories. Caloric (i.e. 22%) of the food on average. “

“Besides increasing appetite, it makes sense that sleep deprivation will cause you to eat more food, because staying awake for a longer period provides more opportunity to eat,” Carpenter added.

In a related context, Carpenter suggested various action plans that you can take to lose fat:

● Exercise in the morning, but keep it short until you get more sleep.

● Set training priorities on days when you don’t have to wake up early, like the weekend.

● Do not wake up early but try to increase your physical activity as part of your day through what is known as non-athletic muscle-generating heat, such as walking, as this has been proven to contribute to a higher number of total calories that the body burns during the day compared to a day of regular training.

● Get more sleep, but make sure not to consume a large number of calories, by eating small amounts of food. This will be enough to lose weight, but it will not make you enjoy the fitness you want.

And the writer mentioned that sleep and exercise are essential factors for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so personal trainer Carter Good recommends trying to prioritize by exercising two or three times a week.

Moreover, Goode stressed the importance of creating better sleep habits. “On the night before exercise, you should do everything in your power to sleep for at least seven to eight hours,” he assured.

Goode also provided various tips that would help you do this:

● Create a nightly routine that you do 30 to 45 minutes before bed. This can help your body associate certain activities with sleep.

● Avoid bright blue lights as soon as the sun sets.

● Engage in activities that will help you feel calm at night, including spending some time before bed meditating and writing notes.

● Put your phone out of your reach although this may seem difficult at first. However, it is worth trying. Set your alarm and connect your phone to the charger in one corner of the room or place it under the bed. This way, you will be able to avoid access to social media.

Evening sports

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On the other hand, some people think that the best time for those who want to practice walking in order to lose weight is evening time, particularly immediately after eating dinner, according to Deutsche Welle, according to “In Style” magazine.

The site said that a research group affiliated with the American Diabetes Association found that walking for 15 minutes after dinner is more effective than walking for 45 minutes in the morning or at noon, and that walking at this particular time stimulates metabolism and digestion and also ensures that food is transported faster through the device Digestive system.

According to “In Style” magazine, it is preferable to go for a walk in the middle of nature at least three to five times a week immediately after eating dinner, as the period between the last bite of dinner and starting walking should not exceed fifteen minutes as a maximum.

Stay away from these myths

And in order to maintain your success in losing weight, here are five myths about nutrition and slimming, according to a report published by the Russian news site:

Myth 1: Eating after 7 pm causes weight gain

Eating after seven in the evening may lead to the accumulation of fat in the body, in the event that dinner was the first meal a person takes in the day. In this sense, with adherence to such a diet, fats begin to accumulate in the body. In a related context, one may face a similar situation if they have very large gaps between meals.

Myth 2: Grapefruit and celery burn fat

Grapefruit contains many beneficial ingredients, and it is low in calories, as every 100 grams contains about forty calories, but it is not a magic pill. Celery is also low in calories, as each hundred grams of celery contains twenty calories. However, celery does not contain ingredients that will burn fats.

Myth 3: Eating sugar leads to weight gain

The report stated that this belief is valid only in the event of excessive consumption of sugar, however this does not deny that it is harmful to teeth and does not contain nutrients.

For its part, the German Federal Center for Health Education warns that excessive intake of sugar causes the immune system to weaken, as sugar enhances inflammatory processes in the body and weakens the self-healing powers.

Sugar also deprives the body of vitamin C, which is an effective weapon to fight viruses and bacteria.

In order to avoid these serious health risks, the German Center recommends eating sugar in an amount not to exceed 25 grams per day, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

Myth 4: White bread is higher in calories than brown bread

This is incorrect, as these foods match the caloric content. In contrast, brown bran in brown bread can reduce the rate of increased blood sugar. Unlike white bread, brown bread contains enough different fibers and vitamins. And if you choose between these two products, the bran bread is perfect. But in general, it is recommended that preference be given to whole grain bread, and although it has high calories, it is more nutritious than others.

Myth 5: Green tea leads to weight loss

The report indicated that consuming this drink improves the metabolism, but its regular consumption will not lead to weight loss.

Source: German + American press + Russian press + Deutsche Welle

Written by K.Taylor

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