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“Kabadi”, “Busabol”, slapping and kicking .. Learn about the strangest sports and games in the world_Part2

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It is a board game well known in India and the Asian continent in general, and is the most popular sport in Bangladesh and Nepal. Each time, a player from one of the two teams tries to attack the players of the second team, and touches the largest number of them within their area without being able to catch video about it here

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Sepak Takraw

A team game that mixes volleyball and soccer, and is very popular in East here

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Men’s marathon against horses

This annual race appeared in the United Kingdom in 1980, and a number of runners compete with horses. The race spans 22 miles (about 35 km). Video

Drop the column

Two teams compete for a column. This sport initially appeared as a military training in the ranks of the Japanese army, a sport that combines rugby, wrestling, sumo, and American football.

Kick the leg

This sport first appeared in 1612, and it is an English martial art, in which the leg is used to hit and topple the opponent.

Toe wrestling

This sport appeared in 1974 in England, and two contestants are wrestling with it here

Sport carrying the wife

This sport appeared in Finland, and its first competitions were held in 1992. Each contestant in this game carries his wife, who must not be less than 49 kilograms, and tries to pass a set of obstacles to win the race.

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“Kabadi”, “Busabol”, slapping and kicking .. Learn about the strangest sports and games in the world_Part1

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