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In 5 steps … a quick relief plan for stressed skin

With the persistence of home quarantine and restrictions on freedom of movement in many countries of the world, many women seek to check on the purity of their skin, but signs of stress, dehydration, and some pimples or wrinkles may have appeared on the face significantly.

Those marks that cosmetics will not be able to hide easily, and many will not be able to visit the beautiful salons and clinics to make magic solutions in the atmosphere of home insulation, so quick alternatives that give direct results should be considered within a few days.

1-Topical vitamins

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Women may need a period of time not less than three months in order to restore the skin’s youthfulness in a large way, but the use of vitamins such as (A, C, E, K) contributes to imparting intense freshness and the disappearance of dark spots, fine lines and simple wrinkles.

Taking these vitamins orally and food gives a more sustainable freshness, but liquid vitamins (available in the form of ampules or drops) can be added to the light oils intended for the skin, and used as a face mask, a warm towel must be placed on the skin first to expand the pores, then put vitamins for a period of 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe it off with a simple piece of cotton and give an immediate result

2-Hyaluronic acid

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The discovery of the use of hyaluronic acid for the skin is a new breakthrough to restore freshness, as it helps moisturize it and in the long run, it protects against the appearance of wrinkles, and has many advantages as it gives impressive results, compared to the absence of significant side effects, when compared to its industrial and chemical peers.

Many cosmetics contain hyaluronic acid and can be purchased in raw form and used as direct moisturizing oil or by using derma-roller.

3-Derma Roller Tool

It is a tool in a circular shape that contains a group of very thin needles to prick the skin, as it secretes collagen, and doctors require users of the Derma Roller tool to sterilize it at each use.

Derma Roller is treated as a brush for applying cosmetics, hyaluronic acid or preparations intended for use as thin needles help in reaching deeper layers of skin and allow the skin to make the most of the material used.

4-Moisturizing the scalp

Hair needs long-term care that may reach several months in order to make a difference in the luster and strength of the roots, but a relatively healthy shape can be reached by using some products that give the hair a shiny and healthy appearance.

The beginning is by moistening the scalp by lightening the pores with a hot towel and then applying creams and moisturizing oils appropriate for the type of hair, scalp and massage, then applying the hot towel again alternately as possible, then you can make a mask or a cap for the hair, and there are some dyes that add shine only to the hair without Color, to give a shiny look with minimal damage.

5-Moisturizing the body

The advice of cosmetic experts is not without the advice of drinking water, and you can test the amount of drinking water your body needs by following the color of urine, which is known scientifically as the color scheme of urine, in which dark urine becomes clear as a warning to the body’s need for more water, and drinking quantities of water Until the color of urine reaches a very light degree, at that moment we make sure that the entire body and all its organs, especially the skin, are hydrated.

These tips are quick and cosmetic for a healthy appearance, but to get healthy skin and hair and more permanence take into account the levels of iron in the body, you must follow a healthy diet and be careful to take vitamins and nutritional supplements for a period ranging from three to six months, as this gives impressive results and bright and healthy skin For two fold.

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Written by K.Taylor

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