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“Kabadi”, “Busabol”, slapping and kicking .. Learn about the strangest sports and games in the world_Part1

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We all know the most popular sports in the world, and many of us have heard about their beginnings and stages of development. But what if someone talks to you about his passion for a slapping competition or a wife’s pregnancy race, what would your response be? 

In this report, a group of the strangest competitions and sports around the world.

Dive into the swamp

It is a swimming competition in muddy waters for a distance of about 110 meters, and the only thing that a swamp dive game shares with traditional diving sports is the equipment. The first world championships for this sport were held in the Welsh town of Llanertide-Wales in 1985. The world record for the game is 1.18.81 minutes.


Busaabol is a game that mixes volleyball, football, gymnastics, music and capoeira (Brazilian-African martial art). This game was developed by former Belgian tennis player Philippe Ekmans. Currently, Busabol is played in more than 20 countries and four continents.

Egg throw

This game is based on trying to throw an egg as far as possible without breaking it. According to Reuters, officials of the International Federation for Egg Throwing confirm that this game first appeared in the fourteenth century, where one of the monks encouraged the townspeople to come to the church by giving them eggs, and when the river overflowed he had to throw eggs from a distance. The longest throw in this game was recorded in 1978 with a length of 98.51 meters.

Slapping on the face

In the slapping game on the face, the two contestants take turns slapping each other until one of them falls to the ground. The game first appeared in Russia in 2018.

Canoeing among giant pumpkin boats

To play this game, you first need to empty the giant pumpkin seed core and make it into a boat, then you need to insert the pumpkin into the water to make sure it will float well, and then you start rowing.

Written by K.Taylor

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