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How to buy meat? What is the best way to cook it?

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Meat is an essential ingredient in many diets and an excellent source of protein, and here we will take you on a journey in which we give you tips on the healthy way to choose meat, with a detailed explanation of the types of meat, its benefits and also its potential harms.

There are two types of meat in terms of composition and source:

Red flesh

The source of this flesh is from mammals, and it is characterized by having more iron myoglobin protein in its tissues, compared to white meat. Examples of red meat include beef, camel, lamb, veal, lamb and goats.

White flesh

This meat is generally lighter in color than red meat, and comes from small birds and game, such as chicken, turkey, ducks, and quail.
Meat may be fresh, or have undergone a manufacturing process, and then it is called “processed meat”, which is meat that has been treated with salting, smoking, drying, or other processes to preserve it or enhance the flavor. Examples include sausage, sausage, and bacon.

What nutrients are in meat?

Lean meat is an excellent source of protein, as it contains about 25% or 30% protein in weight after cooking.
And 100 grams of cooked chicken breast contains about 31 grams of protein, and the same amount of beef contains about 27 grams.
Animal protein is a complete protein, which means it provides all nine essential amino acids.

Benefits of eating meat:

1- Reducing appetite, enhancing feelings of satiety, and increasing metabolism.
2- Maintaining a person’s muscle mass.
3- Having stronger bones.
4- To obtain a better absorption of the iron element, as the iron in meat is better absorbed by the body than the iron present in plant foods.

cooking method

When it comes to buying meat, you should make sure it is of the highest quality. In her report, published in the American magazine It This Note, writer Megan de Maria said that if you want to be sure of the quality of the meat that you will buy, you must verify its source and verify the appearance and texture of the meat before purchasing it.
The writer said that the frozen meat is delicious and nutritious just like fresh meat. You can buy frozen meat online and use delivery services.
As for chicken, the writer stressed the necessity of checking the color of raw chicken, whether fresh in the store or chicken breasts that were stored in the refrigerator. Try to buy pink chicken that is not grayish in color, as the color of the chicken meat fades when it begins to spoil.
The writer said that people often stick to buying the same usual cuts of meat, such as chicken breasts and minced meat, which can get bored over time. Instead, try buying new cuts of meat and trying out new recipes, and stores also offer multiple options.
According to the author’s opinion, even though the skinned chicken thighs and thighs contain less fat, the meat sold by their skin tastes tastier and can also be eaten as part of a healthy diet. The same applies to red meat, as the delicious flavor of the steak is thanks to the fats.

How to properly melt frozen meat?

In a report published by the Spanish newspaper, Español, author Ada Funes said that frozen foods have become more practical and less expensive, and some of them, such as vegetables, maintain vitamins and minerals better than fresh vegetables, so their consumption has increased in recent years.
The author stated that when melting meat, some guidelines should be followed to prevent food spoilage:
1- It is best to defrost the frozen food inside the refrigerator itself to prevent the development of bacteria. If you forget to do so, the option to defrost foods using the microwave may help you do the matter easily. This appliance is recommended for melting foods such as meat, although it may lose its natural odors.
2- If you have melted the meat in the microwave, cook it directly to protect food from contamination and the proliferation of microorganisms.
3- Food can never be thawed at room temperature, as many bacteria can multiply in food.
4- In order not to lose its properties, it is better to consume the meat that you have tasted on the same day.
5- Never freeze meat – or any food product – after thawing it, as this will increase the bacteria and lose all nutritional benefits.

Written by K.Taylor

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